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What communication style do you have?





Have you ever been thinking what communication style you have?

Every day you learn something new in several areas of your life. You build your personal relations, business relations or relations to nature. And communication is the main channel through which information is transmitted to you or from you to other people.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: „What is my communication style?“

When you prepare for a business meeting you pay attention to many details regarding venue of meeting, refreshments for meeting, quality of supporting materials, business dress and code of behaviour.


Have you been thinking how your communication style is different from that of your partner?


Everything could be perfect and planned to the smallest detail. However, the result could be mutual disappointment, confusion and misunderstanding.

It can happen that your direct style could meet with indirect style of your partner. Or your person-focused communication style could not be matched with task-focused communication style of the others. Or you could seem to be very cold with your detached communication style for the partner with attached communication style.

However, if you are aware that people possess a rich repertoire of communication styles and you can decode them, you will be able to transmit idea in such a way that your partner will really decode it.


The repertoire of communication styles includes:

·        Direct Communication Style

·        Indirect Communication Style

·        Linear Communication Style

·        Circular Communication Style

·        Low Context Communication Style

·        High Context Communication Style

·        Attached Communication Style

·        Detached Communication Style

·        Idea Focused Communication Style

·        Person Focused Communication Style

·        Task Focused Communication Style

·        Relations Focused Communication Style

·        Formal Communication Style

·        Informal Communication Style

·        Faster Paced Communication Style

·        Lower Paced Communication Style

·        Storytelling Communication Style

·        Rational Communication Style


With reference to your national culture, a professional position you occupy, educational background and hobbies you have, your communication repertoire includes several communication styles.


Could you identify what communication styles you use?




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