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Train-the-Trainer Course

Eva has been a trainer for more than 14 years. She has been conducting group and individual trainings for public bodies, governmental bodies and private companies. She has been consulting companies regarding the design of training schedules and programmes for their employees.

Eva has rich experience with all stages of the training design, training performance and training evaluation. She can provide practical recommendation and advice how to work out the content of the training, introduce it to customers and above all training methods, games and other tools to make an interesting and exciting training.

Eva has been lecturing at universities, managing a training company and doing onboarding of new trainers and coaches for international companies.

More information about Eva as a trainer and a coach is available on:


Training 1: Introduction to a training design


  • Principles of designing training content
  • Analysis of goals and objectives based on profile of training participants
  • Time framework and focus of a training
  • The recommended ways how to choose the language of training design


The length of a training: 4 hours  (2 skype sessions)

The contact: or eva.gaborikova4


Training 2: Methodology of a training


  • Introduction to methodology of a training based on training participants’ needs and expectations
  • Training techniques to meet the goals of a training and advice how to select them.
  • Techniques how to react to needs and expectations of training participants during a training
  • Practical advice and guidance how to motivate training participants and involve them in training activities.

The length of a training: 6 hours  (3 skype sessions)

The contact: or eva.gaborikova4

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