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To understand how you own cultural software works is the first step on the way to „upgrade“ it with a module on a new culture.


The consulting sessions are focused on creating strategies how to avoid intercultural misunderstandings and adapt own management style and leadership to manage effective team work and cooperation in a new culture.

The sessions are tailored to deal with everyday business situations and clarifying the ways of thinking and behaving of employees, team members and colleagues taking into account the key business cultural dimension such as hierarchy, group orientation, relationships building, communication strategies, time understanding, control, formality and motivation.



  • face to face consulting sessions which take half a day or one day in your house or the place you like for our discussion.
  • regular coaching sessions via skype (1 session takes 1 hour)



Eva has been a coach and a trainer of cross-cultural business communication and protocol since 2001. She has been conducting group trainings for companies and governmental bodies, consulting and coaching executive managers and facilitating multicultural teams.

In the year 2016 she has been awarded with GREAT Award (New York) in competition with consultants located in Asia, Europe and the United States of America by one of the biggest international companies providing intercultural trainings all over the world.


Interested in coaching with Eva?

If yes, she will be pleased to share more information and tailor made recommendations via


skype: eva.gaborikova4

mobile: 00421 917 618 455


More information on Eva is available on her website:

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