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Principles of successful speech delivery in English language

The primary aim of the training is to provide the participants with methodology of writing, performing and arranging successful presentation delivery in English language. The lecturer will pay attention to the cultural aspects and the influence of audience cultural composition on the effect of presentation.

A/ Drafting of presentation
The participants will learn how to draft the speech determined for a small and a large group of listeners, how to draft presentation for members of a working group and negotiations at an international level.
They will learn the recommended structure, the procedures how to prepare for writing, how to proceed with writing and how to process the feedback for their improvement. They will learn how to choose the topic, collect information, attract the audience and use the setting to enhance the final impression of speech delivery.

B/ Body language
The participants will be given the advice how to deliver messages using their body language effectively. They will be video-taped and given the advice how to use their hands, gestures, keep eye contact to be able to develop communication with their audience and highlight the purpose of their presentation. They will be recommended how to enter the room of speech delivery, what place to occupy to keep eye contact and how to move while delivering speech.

C/ Cultural aspects of speech delivery
The participants will study cross-cultural effects on the successful course of the presentation delivery. They will learn what is recommended and what is prohibited while delivering messages to the audience composed of the representatives of different cultures.

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