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Geography of Slovakia

Slovakia is situated in Central Europe with a total area of 18,932 sq mi (49,035 sq km). The highest point is Gerlach Peak which rises to 8,743 ft. (2,665m). Among significant Slovak rivers belong the Danube, the Morava, the Hron, the Hornad and the Vah.


In the north Slovakia is bordered by Poland, in the south by Hungary, in the west by the Czech Republic and its eastern border is shared with the Ukraine.


Slovakia is the only European country which could offer to its visitor a chance to see a geyser. It is located near Kosice and shoots 1,056 gallons of water 98 feet into the air.


Slovakia includes 2750 villages and 138 towns. Despite the young generation is moving to towns, people are still building or reconstructing their family houses in villages. Usually several generations live together and keep traditions typical of their region.

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